Exercise Needs:<br />
Men vs. Women

Exercise Needs:
Men vs. Women

Can you work out with your opposite sex friends? Can you handle the same routines? Fitness expert Jade Alexis breaks down the biggest differences and similarities in what women and men need from a workout

Jade Alexis

by Jade Alexis, August 03, 2012

Exercise Needs:<br />
Men vs. Women

Improve your overall fitness by combining cardio, strength training and a proper diet.

intensities than most women, while women tend to do more cardio and use lower weights.  Since both cardio and strength are necessary, these attitudes and tendencies limit both men and women from achieving their ultimate fitness goals.

In order to improve overall fitness, both men and women need to adopt a consistent work-out routine that is high in intensity and includes both cardiovascular and strength training, complemented with a healthy diet.

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