[Fearless Living] The Royal Lean In<br />

[Fearless Living] The Royal Lean In

With all this talk about the Royals, Julia Wilson remembers her run in with the Prince of Wales and reminds us that sometimes in life, you have to go for it despite ‘protocol’

Julia A. Wilson

by Julia A. Wilson, October 25, 2013

[Fearless Living] The Royal Lean In<br />

Make it happen: Julia Wilson and Prince Charles from a 1997 interview

between their arms, seeing me staring intently for his attention. “Excuse me -- His Royal Highness?” I said again. He stopped and beckoned his security to let me approach him. “Your Royal Highness. Your staff promised me an interview with you, and I know you would want to keep their word,” I said.

He paused, and then replied: “Yes, I would.”

My crew quickly set up the shot, and the Prince and I chatted for a few minutes on camera. I’d made it happen!

Then in a grand, unscripted and quite human moment, he planted a kiss on my right cheek. OMG! Who but me would have this story to tell?

I learned a critical lesson that day. I have always been someone who greatly respects the rules. But I learned that sometimes even protocol must be challenged. When grand opportunities in our lives show up, we have to decide for ourselves to either seize—or miss—the magic of the moment.

7 Fearless Living Tips:

1.     Keep your end of whatever deal you make with someone. Keep your word.

2.     Hold others accountable for keeping their word with you. You are just as important as they are.

3.     Sometimes you may have to fudge on the protocol. Try not to break it, but when necessary, push it to its limits.

4.     Be prepared for the unexpected. Think outside the box for solutions.

5.     When presented with unpleasant and unexpected challenges, don’t lose your temper. Keep your composure and your wits about you… so that you can think logically and strategically for a positive outcome.

6.     Dress your best at all times in business settings so that you will make a positive and professional impression.

7. You don’t ask. You don’t get.

Julia A. Wilson is the CEO and Founder of Wilson Global Communications. A U.S. Department of State Fulbright Grant recipient and international lecturer, Wilson has lived, studied and/or worked in Africa, China, France, Israel and Brazil. Follow her @JuliaWilson_DC #FearlessLiving

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