'Give a Spit,' Save a Life

Sheldon Mba

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campaign looking to bring more diversity to the donor pool: Give A Spit. DoSomething.org, the largest nonprofit for young people and social change, has teamed up with Be The Match to not only run this life-saving campaign, but to also hopefully find Mba a match. He's serving as the face of their efforts as well. 

“When you bring a person that’s in need of this [a bone marrow transplant], it has a different effect,” shared the 19-year-old. “Because it’s like ‘oh you’re standing right in front of me. How can I not help?’”

Joining the registry is very simple. A cheek swab could ultimately save a life...perhaps even Sheldon Mba's. 

Sign up for Give A Spit here and help find Sheldon Mba a bone marrow donor!

Ravelle Worthington is a writer living in New York. Follow her on Twitter @ravmo.