Introducing “Healthy Is The New Black”

Introducing “Healthy Is The New Black”

Dr. Dave, Special Contributing Health Editor, reveals the latest "trend" in living well

by Dave Montgomery M.D., Ph.D., January 15, 2012

Introducing “Healthy Is The New Black”

I’m excited to introduce you to a new trend.  A trend that is sure to make you look (and feel) better than the most fashionable haute couture.  But it’s far from a fashion trend, and it isn’t a fad diet either.  Healthy Is the New Black is an enlightened way of being—a fresh way of thinking about your health and treating your body.  You don’t need a Ph.D. to see how antiquated thinking and behavior have led to steady increases in obesity and disproportionately high death rates from heart disease and cancer in the African-American community.  And I don’t have to explain to you that waiting for change to magically appear is simply pointless. True and lasting change will only follow a radical shift in the way we think about our bodies and the value of our health. Only you can do it for yourself. 

Healthy Is the New Black signals the end of the blame game and the ascension of empowered health—owning one’s state of health and equating it with loving oneself.  It’s the latest trend for living a longer, happier, more prosperous life.  Healthy is ‘in’.  Healthy is now.  Healthy is…the New Black!-Dr. Dave

Dave Montgomery, M.D., Ph.D., is a board-certified physician and EBONY's Special Contributing Health Editor. You can find him on Facebook or follow him on Twitter: @DMontgomeryMD. Send your health questions to  

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