Are Butt Lifts the New Black?

Are Butt Lifts the New Black?

by #teamEBONY

Black women have been both criticized and praised for having ample, shapely behinds----but we're not all lucky enough to be born… Read More

diet foods

5 Diet Sabotaging Foods

by Kristin Braswell

Summer is just around the corner (finally) and for many of us, that means heading to the gym to shed a few pounds, or just making… Read More

niki robinson

Black Yogi Niki Robinson Channels Good Karma

by Princess Gabbara

Namaste. Who says Black folks aren’t into yoga? If you think this ancient practice is reserved for White-peace-symbol-throwing… Read More

Jamal H. Bryant

These Pastors Ain’t Loyal

by Brooke Obie

In a recent sermon posted on YouTube called, “I’m My Enemy’s Worst Nightmare,” Dr. Jamal H. Bryant quoted… Read More

Fitness Trend Series: Barre Method

What's 'The Bar Method'?

Back in 2001, Burr Leonard incorporated The Bar Method, a ballet-inspired, body-sculpting workout.  Classes are extremely low-impact… Read More

Esosa Edosomwan

Raw Veganism Cleared Up My Acne

by Starrene Rhett Rocque

The header at the top of Esosa Edosomwan’s website, Raw Girl Toxic World… Read More

african american woman workout fatigue

4 Ways to Fight Workout Burnout

by Erika Nicole Kendall

Everyone gets burnt out after awhile of using the same training routine. I mean, it’s just a matter of fact –… Read More

genetically modified organisms foods

Organic vs. GMO:
A Matter of Privilege

by Adam Harris

Walk into a major grocery store in America and you are likely to see two things: one is a small section labeled “organic”… Read More

detox food

Beware of Pesticides

by Crystal Whaley

As we gear up for the warmer weather, eating fresh produce should become even more of a priority. You’ll have more energy to… Read More

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