What's Bipolar Got to Do With It?

What's Bipolar Got to Do With It?

by Anissa Moody, Ph.D

By now you’ve probably heard that R&B superstar Chris Brown Read More

junk food

Seven Generations:
A Food Justice Lesson from Native Americans

by Monifa Bandele

This may be your story too. My great great great grandmother, Americos, was an enslaved Native American woman in North Carolina during… Read More

brooke obie arizona travel

[THE SPIRITUAL LIFE] When a Mental Vacation Won't Do

by Brooke Obie

I don’t want to write about forgiving Jordan Davis’ killer or about the too-young Davis being inexcusably and irrevocably… Read More

african american woman exercise ball

3 Tips for Recommitting to Your Fitness Goals

by Erika Nicole Kendall

Hey, there. It’s approaching the end of February. How ya doin’? How far have you come on those resolutions?… Read More

african american woman at doctor

What You Need to Know About Scleroderma

by Dontaira Terrell

More than five years have passed since the death of my paternal grandmother. She was charismatic, comedic and warm-loving. Grandma… Read More

african american women exercising

5 Tips for Encouraging Loved Ones to Get Healthy

by Erika Nicole Kendall

For many of us who have evolved into more health and fitness-conscious people, we’ve found ourselves becoming that way because… Read More

Kasey Woods

The Beautiful Face of Mental Illness

by Kasey Woods

What does success look like? I played around with the idea of that for years and continuously tried to mold myself to fit that warped… Read More

Danny Brown

Danny Brown, Mental Health and Black Man Tears

by Alexander Hardy

The circus of fame is no place for the weak. The feeble of heart, mind, or will rarely fare well in the spotlight. The hip hop ring… Read More

african american couple in bed

What YOU Need to Know About Emergency Contraception

by Elizabeth Dawes Gay, MPH

Romance is in the air. Flowers, chocolates, condoms, and lube are in demand, and you’ve got a hot date.  This weekend… Read More

aloe vera

[URBAN ORGANIC] 6 Plants to Detox Your House

The top three common toxins in indoor air of major concern are: benzene, trichloroethylene and formaldehyde, which could lead to serious… Read More

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