With Black Pain Going Viral, How Do We Treat Our Collective Trauma?

With Black Pain Going Viral, How Do We Treat Our Collective Trauma?

by Dr. Anissa Moody and Dr. Wendi S. Williams

There’s a saying in the healing community: “Where you find the disease is where you will find the cure.” This means that the environment... Read More

Get The Facts About Fibroids

Get The Facts About Fibroids

by #teamEBONY

They can cause pain, longer menstrual cycles, and even impact fertility and uterine fibroids are three times more common in African American women than... Read More

zika virus mosquito

Black Folks and the Hidden Impact of Zika Virus

by Dr. Corey Hebert

EBONY is serious about keeping our community healthy, wealthy and wise.  That’s why in our newest EBONY Health Web series, Dr. Corey Hebert a.k.a... Read More

EBONY Magazine July 2016 Let’s Talk About #BLACKCHURCHSEX

Addressing Sexuality, Faith and Identity Through #BlackChurchSex

by Brooke Obie

In May 2015, Ahmad Greene-Hayes challenged people on Twitter to think critically about sexuality, abuse and the Black church using the hashtag #BlackChurchSex. It... Read More

HIV AIDS awareness ribbon

35 Years After the AIDS Epidemic Began, It’s Devastating the South

by Linda Villarosa

This month the AIDS epidemic turns 35. Though things have changed dramatically, turning an HIV diagnosis from a death sentence to a manageable illness,... Read More

african american teen depression consoled

As Suicide Rates For Black Children Rise, Protecting Emotional Heath Is Vital

by Dr. Rheeda Walker

The researchers who found that suicide rates have doubled for Black children while declining for White children were surprised by their own results. These... Read More

Phill Wilson

Phill Wilson Is Fighting to End the AIDS Epidemic in the Black Community

by Phill Wilson

Thirty-five years ago this month, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published the first report of the disease that would later be known... Read More

Juan Valentine yoga

Juan Valentine Ain’t Your Average Yogi

by Josie Pickens

Juan Valentine loves fly fashion, dope haircuts, and transforming lives through teaching yoga.  He’s not your average yogi–a Black man with cropped locs and... Read More


GirlTrek Is Inspiring Healthy Black Womanhood, One Step at a Time

by Zainab Karim

With the hashtag #BlackGirlHealing, GirlTrek is drawing much-needed attention to the root causes of health issues and social ills among Black women. This national... Read More

Black Teen Suicide: More Reality Than Myth

Black Teen Suicide: More Reality Than Myth

by Dr. Summer Matheson

Last November, after reading “Preventing Suicides in the Black Community” by Gaynor Hall and Pam Grimes, a quote that echoed in my head was,... Read More