Finding Opportunity in Lifeâs Journey

What is your purpose in life?

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lost or gained, it is very much about God honing some quality in me that is needed to fulfill the bigger purpose.

But it is always about me. My life is a concern of His and while my ease at which I experience this life is much less a concern than the makeup of my character, coincidences do not exist in my mind. It’s because there can always be something to learn, someone to teach, some skill to perfect, whether it be big or small.

The struggle with my ex in the courtroom that day, the death of my high school friend, even the plight of Dr. King has an angle in there for me. It can all be used to develop the mind and the spirit. Life is what you make it. Let it be said of me that I was selfish because I used every opportunity for my own gain.

Herina Ayot is a freelance writer living in Jersey City, NJ. She is currently writing a novel based loosely on her own life, "The Content of Things Undone." Follow her on Twitter @ReeExperience.