The Black Church: Service Is Not Over

The Black Church: Service Is Not Over

[OPINION] For all the criticism the church has endured, Ebonie Johnson Cooper says the important work is still being done

by Ebonie Johnson Cooper, June 13, 2012

The Black Church: Service Is Not Over

Church is more than a place to worship on Sundays.

locations throughout the Atlanta Metro area, Elizabeth Baptist has found a way to touch the lives of community members in a way that brings perspective and long-term personal growth. Under the direction of Dr. Letra Smith, Elizabeth uses mission trips to places such as Kenya and India, to open up the minds of the community. Dr. Smith explains, “Through these mission trips we want our community members to develop intensity for serving others.” And their strategy works! Its outreach ministry goes into the woods- yes the woods- on a monthly basis to feed the homeless that are often forgotten. They also travel to Clarkston, GA where there are over 53,000 refugees. There they feed not only their spiritual needs but also their nutritional needs.

As my dear Aunt Madea would say, Hallelujer!

These five churches highlighted may not be a representative sample of every Black church in America; but their works do represent the fact that our churches are not dead in our communities. Our churches still supply the needs of our communities in sprit and in service. As Rev. Dr. Moore says, “If we begin to see the church as more than a space to worship on Sundays we will discover its endless opportunities.” It’s time that our churches begin to receive the headline news that praises the God it serves and not the devil it condemns.

You may now say, Amen.

Ebonie Johnson Cooper is a featured writer and blogger with a passion for community engagement and giving. Her energy can be read weekly on Friends of Ebonie. She is a servant of God and proud of it. She currently resides in Washington, DC but home is Brooklyn, NY. Follow her on @EbsTheWay.

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