[THE SPIRITUAL LIFE] 'Inner Fitnessâ Coach Aims to Change the Way We Heal

[THE SPIRITUAL LIFE] 'Inner Fitness’ Coach Aims to Change the Way We Heal

Tina Lifford Combines Drama and Coaching to Help People Deal With Life’s Hardships

[THE SPIRITUAL LIFE] 'Inner Fitnessâ Coach Aims to Change the Way We Heal

Tina Lifford 

and understanding the infinite, so for me the ‘essence’ is really beyond love as we talk about it when one says ‘I love you.’ It’s beyond that kind of love. The essence for God for me is knowing that there is a space in which perfect life and goodness is present always and that perfect life can be felt no matter the circumstances or situations we find ourselves in.”  

Tina felt that presence in acting, even after she suffered from debilitating stage fright as a child. “That’s the gift of saying yes to the gifts that want to live through you. My desire to act was greater than my fear. I had to learn to manage the fear. What I know now is that saying yes to acting really was a spiritual journey. It really was learning how to meet the “no”s [you hear] and the fears and systematically detangle ourselves from them in order to live our best life, no matter how big or small the challenge may be. That really is the challenge given to each one of us and I believe that is our greatest challenge…to get beyond the bind and the limitation of this human experience.

“Challenge has a spiritual purpose. People have to be introduced to that idea in order to be able to take that challenge but I believe that every single challenge no matter how debilitating no matter how heinous can be used as a spiritual tuning.”

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