[THE SPIRITUAL LIFE] Kierra âKikiâ Sheard Sheds Pounds to Get Her Spiritual Weight Up

Kierra "Kiki" Sheard is getting physically healthy

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too spiritual or church-y, but, I love God! I want [people] to see that you can be down-to-earth and have fun and enjoy your life while still being a Christian. And you know, I've wrestled with things that are bigger on the show, and I want them to see that you can't let the industry or what society says you should look like change who you are. Be who you are. Love yourself enough for you to want to have a long life and be healthy.

"The Bible encourages us to not only speak the truth, but to live the truth. The old folks used to sing this song,'This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine,' and I think on this show, with a bigger audience, it gives us the opportunity to let our light shine on a bigger platform and let it speak to someone who may not be saved or who may not believe. It gives us the stage to let the world know that not all church-going people are hypocrites. There are some of us that really try to live like Christ and some of us that really love and are really trying to get better and not judge people. And I think that this [show] is what that is."

Well, “If God says ‘Go,’” go ‘head, then, Kierra.

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