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'I Hope My Son Stays White'

'I Hope My Son Stays White'

A White father of a biracial son admits his fears for what happens when his child gets older and can no longer 'pass'
By Calvin Hennick

I am a white man, and part of the privilege that comes along with that fact is this: I know, with something bordering on 100 percent certainty, how my death will not be portrayed if I am shot and killed while walking down the street unarmed.


No one will scour my social media accounts for photos of me wearing a hooded sweatshirt or flipping off the camera. No one will ignore my lack of a criminal record…

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Stephanie McKay


My mom was always telling me, 'You can inspire a nation.' I always thought of that as my motivation. I want to inspire people. If you're having a hard time, never give up and always keep fighting.

Gabby Douglass (tue)