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Ruby and Ossie

Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis enjoy a pleasant conversation in 1976. View more EBONY Collection images here.


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'I Always Thought My Dad Would Go First'

'I Always Thought My Dad Would Go First'

A year after his mom's passing, Damon Young reflects on supporting his dad in ways he never prepared for
By Damon Young Writer

My parents mortality is something I’d been aware of as long as I’ve been aware of my own. As soon as I realized my parents were going to die one day, this (inevitable) occurrence became my biggest fear, surpassing lightning, Jason Voorhees, and even the fear of my own death. I thought about it incessantly, worrying my stomach into knots if my dad got home from a work a little later than usual and whenever my mom caught…

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Introducing The School Project

Introducing The School Project


I think people who have faults are a lot more interesting than people who are perfect.

I think people who have faults.