A South Carolina police officer was killed and six others were wounded on Wednesday when a man fired a gun on them as they attempted to serve him a search warrant over a sexual assault investigation, writes NBC News.

A 30-year veteran of the Florence Police Department, Terrence Carraway, 52, was killed in the shooting near Florence, South Carolina.

The suspected gunman, 74-year-old Fred Hopkins, was arrested, per reports. Chief Deputy Glen Kirby of the Florence County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that the suspect’s son was wounded in the gunfire, but unsure who shot him, per NBC News.

Hopkins allegedly shot the deputy who knocked on the front door and also suffered a head injury in the exchange with police officials.

“His view of fire was several hundred yards, so he had an advantage,” Kirby told reporters, adding that two sex crime investigators joined the team from the sheriff’s office to serve the suspect.

Two deputies were reported to be in critical condition and a third was in stable condition after being shot in the leg, according to Kirby.

A police officer was paralyzed on one side after receiving a graze wound to his head, another cop was shot in the thumb, and another was in stable condition, per reports.

Police Chief Allen Heidler said that Wednesday’s event was “a very horrific day in the annals of the Florence Police Department.”