It’s often hard to figure out a way to efficiently clean your beauty blender. Even with instructions for cleaning by regularly lathering, massaging and repeat after each use, constant makeup application seems to stain the sponge. Just throwing them away and buying new ones isn’t cost effective either as these beauty items can be up to $20 a pop. Often times it suggested to buy a cleanser just for the sponge.

Well, one makeup enthusiast caught the attention of many on Twitter when she shared a hack (that worked) she found. Julianna Asouzu posted a video of herself putting her beauty blenders in a cup with soap, water and microwaving it for one minute. To the 19-year-old’s surprise, the items were like new when she removed them.

The hack has been around for some time now. Asouzu told Buzzfeed, “A few days ago, I was scrolling through Instagram, and I saw the page that came up with the idea. Unfortunately, I can’t remember what the page was called, but I was extremely fascinated when I saw it.”

The 19-year-old’s post has since been viewed a couple of million times with other people trying the hack for themselves. If you have a dirty beauty blender at home, try it out for yourself. Some pro-tips to follow to avoid melted sponges or burned hands include remembering the water and not squeezing the sponge after removing it from the hot water.

Good luck cleaning.