Lists like these are never going to be everything to everybody, especially when today’s digital culture is split into so many groups developing their own particular styles. But it’s always the ones who do the most that get remembered, the cutting-edge selected few who tweet the most informative content on their timelines. Anyone is capable of educating anybody on the subject of tech, but these stylistic digerati are ephemeral to eggheads.

These 10 Black tech personalities are creatives who’ve made a name for themselves at this given time. They represent an interesting group and a vast geographical spread. Some you may have heard of, others you may have not. Either way, these are the names you should most definitely follow on Twitter at the moment to stay in the know.

1. Neil deGrasse Tyson

Follow: @NeilTyson

Follows: 84

Followers: 1,056,894

Why You Should Follow: The New York born and bred astrophysicist and science communicator isn’t all stars and constellations. On his Twitter timeline, the current Franklin P. Rose Director of the Hayden Planetarium tackles the difficult calculations that every nerd wants to know. From tweeting about the real-world location of Superman’s homeworld of Krypton to determining the weight of Thor’s otherworldly weapon Mjölnir, Mr. Tyson is a stellar person to add to your TL.

2. Tristan Walker

Follow: @TristanWalker

Follows: 1,078

Followers: 281,728

Why You Should Follow: One of Foursquare’s earliest and best-known employees, Tristan Walker is equally as beloved on Twitter. The location-based fanatic tweets about Justin Timberlake and Lil Wayne, dropping #cornypickuplines on his most devoted followers. His informative linking will keep you in the loop of the latest developments on the web.

3. C. J. Washington

Follow: @BKCJ

Follows: 226

Followers: 418

Why You Should Follow: Brooklyn’s own C. J. Washington has his digital fingers in many pots. A journalist by trade, @BKCJ is founder of Evolve Media Group, and keeps his growing list of admirers up to date on the latest in tech, gaming and more.

4. Angela Benton

Follow: @ABenton

Follows: 1,869

Followers: 6,149

Why You Should Follow: A true change agent and industry influencer, Angela Benton is a prime example of someone to follow if you want to stay in the know. Her retweets are priceless, but she’s approachable on the web to the point where you’ll learn a thing or three. All you have to do is follow and ask.

5. Corvida Raven

Follow: @Corvida

Follows: 606

Followers: 9,200

Why You Should Follow: She refers to herself as “Oprah of the web,” but on Twitter you’re more likely to call her a mohawk maven. The 24-year-old can be found expressing love for all things geek, and gives nerdgasms to those who want to learn more about utilizing technology.

6. Jamin Warren

Follow: @JaminWar

Follows: 351

Followers: 3,411

Why You Should Follow: A former Wall Street Journal reporter, Jamin Warren is the founder behind the videogame arts and culture company Kill Screen. Tweeting to challenge the notion that “gamers don’t read,” @JaminWar’s side of the web is full of interesting news tidbits, and he shares about how he uses social media as a writer and publisher.

7. N’Gai Croal

Follow: @NCroal

Follows: 406

Followers: 22,031

Why You Should Follow: A respected member of the videogame community, N’Gai Croal left the industry and the dearly departed Newsweek to rush ahead of the curve. His wide array of tweets will have you laughing one moment and clicking on the hyperlink the next.

8. Lynne d. Johnson

Follow: @LynneLuvah

Follows: 2,582

Followers: 7,726

Why You Should Follow: She’s an astute digital and social media strategist who’s been an advocate for Black techies for over a decade. Her tweets are cross-functional in that they allow many to learn while edutaining others.

9. Spelman College’s SpelBots

Follow: @SpelBots

Follows: 334

Followers: 391

Why You Should Follow: Founded in 2004, Spelman College’s all-female robotics team promotes robotics and computer technology education. Led by Andrew B. Williams, Ph.D, @SpelBots give an interesting look at the future of technology from a unique perspective.

10. Tokiwa Smith

Follow: @Tokiwana

Follows: 1,989

Followers: 1,294

Why You Should Follow: This social entrepreneur and chemical engineer is all about STEM education. Engaging with her may not be for the faint of heart but (as interested web-heads could learn by checking out her blog, The Science Socialite) @Tokiwa is all about connecting the dots.

Kevin L. Clark heads Don’t Lose Your Day Job, a website for video game enthusiasts. You can keep up to date with the latest from him on Twitter @DLYDJ.