Your wedding dress is everything. But so is your hair and makeup. Any bride will tell you that creating the elegant face that will undoubtedly elicit soft, awe-filled gasps from your best-dressed guests takes time and plenty of preparation. Get a load of the products that always get the job done!

1. WATER-PROOF MASCARA: For most, tears are inevitable at your wedding, but those lashes still need to pop. Coat those flutters and avoid raccoon eyes. 

2. MAKEUP FINISHING SPRAY: This amazing spray sets your makeup in place for hours, and helps prevent melting and creasing. It definitely comes in handy for humid destination weddings. 

3. HIGHLIGHTER: Shimmering cream or powder highlighter will assist in contouring the face and perfectly highlighting your cheekbones, eyes and just under your eyebrows. The subtle iridescent sheen will attract light to your face in the most beautiful way. 

4. WATER-PROOF LIQUID EYELINER: No brainer, right? Liquid liner has great staying power and it’s smudge-free.  

5. BLOTTING PAPER: These small, highly absorbent sheets save the day for oilier brides. The maid/matron of honor should have these on hand all day. 

6. ROSY BLUSH: Rosy-hued blush plays nice with most complexions. It brings natural warmth to any face. 

7. SMALL DISPOSABLE POTS: You won’t want to carry around all five of those lipsticks that it took to create your final shade, so make sure to have little plastic disposable pots that contain small chunks of your shades for re-application. 

8. HD FOUNDATION: It covers a multitude of sins and looks flawless on camera. 

9. TRANSLUCENT POWDER: A light dusting of powder gives a fresh appearance. You want to pick a powder that’s light and neutral enough to not make a mess of your gown. 

10. NUDE GLOSS: Many brides opt out of a striking colored lip in favor of a pretty, ethereal lip. Even if you do go with, say, a devastating red lip, keep a neutral gloss near to keep your color shiny as it fades into an even prettier shade.