Ask any funny person just how hard it is to get yuks on stage as a solo act, and they’ll tell you how excruciating it can be. Yes, there are those special few who have the right blend of timing, stage presence and physical prowess to pull it off, but the names are few and far in between. Which is why many perked up when word broke (via Deadline) that two big Hollywood stars—Martin Lawrence and Kelsey Grammar—could be developing a TV show together.

While these two actors are no strangers to busting guts—both have legendarily impacted the small screen with Fraiser and Martin, respectively—little is known about the developing series. With the as-yet-untitled sitcom still in the works, let’s imagine some other comedic duos we’d love to see break funny bones on TV.

1. John Witherspoon & Ice Cube

Pops & Craig, starring the two Friday franchise alums, would find the dynamic duo having hilarious adventures in Rancho Cucamonga. With a host of cameo appearances from familiar faces (Tiny Lister, Jr. and Clifton Powell) and newcomers, ’Spoon and Cube could tide fans over while The Last Friday smolders in developmental hell.

2. Chris Rock & Dave Chappelle

What happens when you put two smart, street savvy comedians on the same show? The result could be Politics As Usual, a cleverly written, satirical take on politics in America from an African-American perspective. Starring Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle as this Black Daily Show’s hosts, Politics would be another platform for sharp-witted jokes that could best the likes of Jon Stewart.

3. Chris Tucker & Mike Epps

Chris Tucker and Mike Epps have been lauded for their ability to make people laugh, but with a recent transition into more dramatic fair, it seems they might be able blend the two worlds. In a World Gone Mad would find the two Friday graduates starring in a dramedy as political foes forced together by the Commander-in-Chief to resolve the fiscal cliff situation using off-the-wall solutions.

4. Dick Gregory & Paul Mooney

Legends are exactly what Dick Gregory and Paul Mooney are in the world of comedy—and their show would signify their status. This program would be an unholy marriage of Best Week Ever and The Friars Club Roast, as these two juggernauts of jocose poke fun at current events that go on in the world of pop culture and politics.

5. Kym Whitley & Tasha Smith

With years of being outrageous in front of the camera under their belts, funny ladies Kym Whitley and Tasha Smith could bring a new inventiveness to the small screen. In Private Eyez, the divastating duo play two private investigators competing for the affection of their target. Kym Whitley and Tasha Smith are no strangers to physical comedy, so Private Eyez would be a comedic Spy vs. Spy for fans who enjoy a prat fall or three.

6. Sommore & Wanda Sykes

Comediennes Sommore and Wanda Sykes have contrasting styles of comedy that could make for interesting television. Starring in The Irregulars, these two Queens of Comedy would be the female version of The Odd Couple for the iGeneration. With Sommore playing an adventurous music fiend with a problem hooking up at night and Wanda as the liberated lesbian with a penchant for being a playgirl, this show would have enough funny firepower to make the Fourth of July look like a spark in the dark.

7. Tracy Morgan & Garrett Morris

With 30 Rock embarking on its last season, Tracy Morgan linking up with Garrett Morris doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. The two former Saturday Night Live stars could build upon Tina Fey’s little-show-that-could from a Black perspective. Entitled Not Ready For Prime Time, Tracy (as Tracy Jordan) learns comedy lessons via flashback from Morris during his tenure as a player. With both stars armed with an irreverent sense of humor, Not Ready could be just the show to keep NBC’s stock from plummeting once Fey and Alec Baldwin bid their adieux.

8. David Alan Grier & Tommy Davidson

We know them best as two of the principle cast members on FOX’s In Living Color. David Alan Grier and Tommy Davidson would add Don’t Blink onto their long list of memorable roles in the show. Not to be confused with Don’t Sleep, the doublet would lead an ensemble cast that try their best to be discovered by Hollywood and make it to the A-list.

9. Donald Glover & Aziz Ansari

No longer under the radar, comedic darlings Donald Glover and Aziz Ansari have redefined what it means to be a witty wordsmith in the 21st century. These multifaceted talents would combine their skills for the variety show, It’s Donald & Aziz for Comedy Central. The twosome could blend their love of rap, jokes, nerd-speak and pop culture to entertain masses looking for a brand of funny that is raw, yet flavored with that futuristic funk.

10. Kevin Hart & Mo’Nique

One has a rising career in Hollywood, and the other has climbed its mountain to earn an Academy Award. But together, Kevin Hart and Mo’Nique could be just the sort of duo we’d love to see on TV: sharp, witty, improvisational and Black! On Together Again, the two BET alums play reincarnated lovers who have to play the dating game in order to find each other and the love they used to share. With their brand of bravado mixed with a unique take on a clever story, Together Again would be a dope type of rom-com for a new generation of comedy fans to enjoy.

Kevin L. Clark heads Don’t Lose Your Day Job, a website for video game enthusiasts. You can keep up to date with the latest from him on Twitter @DLYDJ.