On this week's edition of the Block Is Hot, we're bringing you a roundup of fellas whose sneaker game is off the chain. Buying hot sneakers has become a bit of the luck of the draw these past several years. Now brands are having folks enter raffles and such, just praying to be a lucky winner who simply is granted access to be able to buy an in-demand pair. Despite how crazy the whole buying process has become, the guys we've gathered below have been blessed to cop the latest drops.

Peep how stylist Corey Stokes hit the Paris Fashion Week in his Pyer Moss white and yellow Sculpt sneakers with a colorful fit. Or, how the NBA star Russell Westbrook hopped out in a plaid two-piece, black balaclava, and cream Converse sneakers—an OG that never goes out of style. From Lanvin trainers with extra-fat laces to too-hot-to-handle Nikes, these guys came out swinging.

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Justin Touvor

Russell Westbrook


Mateo Berry


Joshua Christopher

Jordan Tupak

Najm Loyd

Taron Barnes