Signet rings have always been viewed as a status symbol or a marker for well-esteemed families to signify their lineage. Oftentimes, mafia or royal families would get their crest engraved within the center of the ring as a special designation for members—and it would be worn on the pinky finger of the right hand. The crest would also be used as a replacement to traditional signatures, when important documents needed to be authenticated or sealed.

While the days of mob bosses and families are a thing of the past—as far as we know—the rings are making a comeback within the fashion world. Most notably, the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle was seen rocking a yellow-gold signet ring during a trip to a British town with her husband. The fashion world went absolutely insane. The late Sammy Davis Jr. was also often spotted with one of the rings on his pinky as well.

Jewelry has always been the perfect accent for any occasion, especially in Black communities. The EBONY fashion team recently rounded up 10 of the best men's signet rings on the market right now. From Alexander McQueen to John Hardy, get into the rings below, and treat the special man—or men—in your life, just because.

signet rings
Gold Signet Ring with Blue Lapis

Price: $119

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signet rings
John Hardy
Carved Chain Signet Ring

Price: $995

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signet rings
Vertical Stripe Signet Ring

Price: $442

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signet rings
Square Step Ring

Price: $165

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signet rings
Gold V-logo Signet Ring

Price: $137

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signet rings
Alexander McQueen
Skull Burnished Silver-Tone Signet Ring

Price: $390

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signet rings
Veni Signet Ring

Price: $2,750

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signet rings
Dries Van Noten
Silver & White Graphic Ring

Price: $280

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signet rings
Fused Woven Gemstone Square Signet Ring

Price: $206

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signet rings
Tom Wood
Mini Signet Cushion

Price: $199

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