Al Jolson sure must be proud. 

Sales of the theatrical makeup originally used in minstrel shows must have skyrocketed this Halloween season. White folks have been putting their images and jobs on the line to pull off some truly inappropriate costumes. As people used the weekend to dress up, they remixed events that happened in popular culture to make humorous statements for the sake of candied apples and free booze. Sadly enough, the line between dressing up as a scary Dracula and being downright insulting gets crossed easily when Whites find it convenient to go the blackface route.

Evidenced by a handful of recent sightings, some continue to believe that by donning blackface they’re only “joking around” and that things are okay. But if social media is any indication, surely the retweets and commentary made about these jokesters “blacking up” will teach them just how wrong they are. Whether it’s actress Julianne Hough dressing up as actress Crazy Eyes (originally played by Uzo Aduba in Orange Is the New Black) or various buffoons portraying George Zimmerman and the late Trayvon Martin—no matter the intent, it’s wrong.

Forthwith: our gallery of the 10 most racist Halloween costumes of 2013.

Kevin L. Clark