From your walk down the aisle to party time at your reception, the music you choose would help set the tone for the kind of wedding you’re envisioning.  Don’t leave it all up to your band or DJ—take an active roll and create a playlist.  It can be an overwhelming process since there are hundreds of songs to choose from, whether you love classic oldies or more current Billboard chart toppers.  To make things easier, here’s a list of 10 songs to consider playing on your big day.

“4evermore”—Anthony David featuring Algebra and Phonte

This song is fun, uplifting, and all about jumping the broom.  The tune inspires with lyrics that describe true love, commitment, and family: “Last longer than a wedding ring/Generations tattooed with the love we bring/From the seeds we sow/To the time it takes to grow.”  These lyrics will have you thinking about your future as you take one of the biggest leaps of your life.

“Nothing Can Come Between Us”—Sade

The title alone is a wonderful testament to true love.  Sade’s sultry vocals over this mid-tempo track set the mood just right.  Your guests would be glad to groove to this song while waiting patiently for the ceremony to begin.

“Skyy, Can You Feel Me”—Raphael Saadiq Featuring Grace Sky Maxwell

Raphael Saadiq and Grace Sky Maxwell soar on this mellow tune as the two profess their love over an infectious beat. “You truly do enlighten me/You’re all I’ll ever want and need/ You’ve got the best of me so baby come with me,” says Maxwell through rich jazzy inflections.  Saadiq answers back with the same level of passion, “My life is yours/ Your life is mine/ And everything we do/We’re gonna be just fine/ It’s not by mistake/ I’ll never walk away.”  This record would likely put a spell on everyone in earshot as the lyrics and beat continue to loop.

“You and I”—Stevie Wonder

Picture yourself walking down the aisle to “You and I,” a hauntingly beautiful tribute to a love sent from the heavens. “Here we are/ On earth together/ It’s you and I/God has made us fall in love,” Stevie sings.  You’ll feel like the song was written especially for you.

“When Somebody Loves You Back”—Teddy Pendergrass

One word: Classic.  This late 1970s tune never fails to set a cheerful mood.  Teddy Pendergrass offers words to live by as he expresses his joy for creating balance in a loving relationship. “We can build a world of love, a life of joy/Make our goal each other’s happiness,” he sings.  It’s the perfect song to play when you’re introduced as husband and wife to eager guests at your reception.

 “At Last”—Etta James

Etta James’ emotive classic remains a favorite among couples everywhere.  The ballad ranks number 1 among the top 5 first dance songs for 2012, according to

“Everything To Me”—Monica

If you’re a bride looking for a song to dedicate to your groom, put Monica’s hit tune, “You’re Everything To Me,” at the top of your list.  The R&B diva’s signature soulful vocals over this lovely sample of Deniece Williams’ 1980s classic, “Silly,” evoke passion and emotion.  “I can’t repay you for all that you’ve done/Always come first and second to none/The love that you give me is equal to ten/My peace, my joy, you are my strength” she sings.  It doesn’t get much deeper than that.

“We Found Love”—Rihanna Featuring Calvin Harris

When Sting released his hit song, “Every Breath You Take” in 1983 it became a big hit at weddings that year. The British singer later explained that people misinterpreted the dark sinister tune as a love ballad.  A similar phenomenon is happening with Rihanna’s hit dance track, “We Found Love.”  Though she is singing about a troubled relationship, “We Found Love” has become one of the biggest wedding songs of 2012.  No matter how you interpret it, this dance track is sure to get your guests out of their seats and jumping for joy on your behalf.

“You make me better”—Fabolous Featuring Neyo

Ladies, don’t forget—the reception is a party for the gentlemen also.  Let the guys unwind and groove to smooth hip-hop tracks like Fabolous and Neyo’s “You Make Me Better.”  This edgy tune combines hip-hop grittiness with the main ingredient for your event—love.

“Single Ladies”—Beyonce

By now this track might seem like a predictable choice for the bouquet toss, but how could you not play “Single Ladies” for your single girlfriends?  It’s a fun tune that gets ladies moving every time.  Think of it as your tribute to their independence.

Abi Ishola is a multimedia journalist based in New York City.  Visit to learn more about Abi’s work.  Follow her on Twitter: @aishola