Mother's Day can be such an emotional day for multiple reasons. It is a time to reflect on the relationships shared with the mother figures in your lives, whether they are still with us or not. This is where the power of a good song comes into play.

Music has the ability to bring us back to a place in time to make us remember cherished moments. It also allows us to put words that we are not always able to express into a cohesive thought. Whether listening to oldies, an R&B classic or a slick double entendre in a Hip-Hop track, there are so many songs in which artists have reflected upon the love of their own mothers.

If you're making a playlist for your Mother's Day brunch or just want to articulate how you feel, check out some of these beloved songs.

"A Song For Mama"

Boyz II Men

"Dear Mama"

Tupac Shakur

"I’ll Always Love My Mama"

The Intruders

"Thinking Of You"

Lenny Kravitz

"Mama's Kitchen"

CeCe Winans

"Hey Ma"

Chance The Rapper

"Everyday Is Like Mother’s Day"

Shirley Caesar

"Umi Says"

Mos Def



"Oh, Mother of Mine"

The Temptations