Having the honor to sit and talk with a woman like Daisy McFadden is a rare, and most likely once-in-a-lifetime experience. As we go along in our days, stressing, worrying and seemingly unaware of the beauty of the world, Mrs. McFadden, who has lived to see the age of 101, cannot say that she understands “that life.”

For her, a moment just to sit near her living room window, gazing out of her beautiful Bronx home is enough to fill her spirit with life and energy. It’s the simple and most underrated lessons in life that have kept this centenarian youthful and vibrant.

A Black woman who has lived a century is a woman who has seen the world change before her eyes. History unfolded before her; she can tell the real “E! Hollywood” story of where many African American’s began, where they have come, and how much further they really need to go.  McFadden has had the privilege to watch monumental movements unfold throughout her lifespan but you can bet that Obama getting elected to the Presidency is her single favorite moment in history.

A New York native who hails from Manhattan’s Hells Kitchen, Mrs. McFadden has chased life to the fullest, and has no plans of stopping anytime soon. The mother of one son, who is deceased, was a staff nurse for 34 years under the Bureau of Public Health Nursing for the City of New York. At the age of 62, she retired.

Mrs. McFadden still hasn’t lost her groove. She is a member of the New York Chapter of The Girlfriends and is an active member of The Sixty Plus Swingers. Keeping active is a priority for McFadden, and she presently serves as the Certified Instructor for the Stay Well Program and the R.A.I.N Senior Center in the Bronx. Yes, she is the instructor.  

Now, if you want to be like McFadden and keep yourself looking and feeling amazing at 101 years young, it really ain't that hard. In her words, there's a simple three-step plan, so get out your notebook!

1. Eat Your Oatmeal

2. Workout

3. Stay away from negative people!

Well alright, Mrs. McFadden. EBONY.COM, pays our respects and has the utmost admiration for you. Keep smiling, dancing and shining bright!