Elijah Precciely, 11, a young prodigy from Baton Rouge, was given a full ride scholarship to Southern University Honors College, The Advocate reports.

Precciely was homeschooled and began taking classes at the HBCU at the age of 8 but will officially enroll next year, he will begin classes in spring 2019. The young scholar who completed courses at Southern will start as a sophomore with plans to study physics and mechanical engineering.

The scholarship awarded to the 11-year-old honors the university’s first president Joseph S. Clark. During his acceptance speech, Elijah said: “When I reflect on this Joseph S. Clark Presidential Scholars Award it means absolute legacy, nothing but legacy to me. Those that have paved the way, I want to thank you for paving the way in my education, and I will absolutely pave the way for others to do the impossible. I am elated.”

His parents did their best to nurture their son’s passions, revealing that he has always demonstrated an interest in learning. “Find that child’s genius, what they like, and nurture that even if you have to seek outside help, then that’s what you do and that’s what we did,” his father Stephen Precciely said to The Advocate. Outside of excelling in the academic world, Elijah Precciely preaches sermons, is a published author and has submitted five patents for his inventions.

Southern University President Ray Belton and the faculty are proud to welcome Elijah Precciely to the school. “We are pleased to offer Elijah Precciely the J.S. Clark Presidential Scholar award.  As a J.S. Clark Scholar, he will engage in research and other scholarly activities as part of the honors college,” Belton said.

Elijah’s best friend, 10-year-old Reginald Ellis II, begins taking classes at Southern University Lab School in the fall.