Oh, how we love Black love on the tube! You’ve spoken, we’ve answered. Since you couldn’t get enough of Black love on TV on V-Day or you feel like we’ve missed a few of your favorite couples, check out this list of more of TV’s favorite Black couples.—Andrew Asare

1. Martin

Martin Payne may have asked Gina Waters to STEP when he was pissed, but he always knew who was the winner of each argument on the HBO cult classic Martin.

2. Living Single

Kyle Barker and Maxine Shaw may have hated each in front of friends but the sharp-tongued attorney and arrogant stockbroker carried a fiery, satisfying lust for each other behind closed doors for five seasons on Living Single.


3. Living Single

A country-bumpkin couple that we couldn’t get enough of on Living Single: the pairing of mild-tempered Overton “Obie” Wakefield Jones and delusional Synclaire James-Jones wooed us with their Southern drawls and overzealous displays of affection.

4. All My Children

Jesse Hubbard and Angie Baxter shook up the affluent of world Pine Valley as the first Black super couple on ABC’s All My Children.

5. The Bernie Mac Show

Bernie Mac’s Bernie McCullough may have had his hands tied with his sisters’ three kids, but fine-bodied Wanda “Baby” McCullough always cleared her busy schedule for some TLC with her hubby.

6. The Game

Derwin Davis had it all Melanie Barnett Davis gave it her all when it came to their tempestuous relationship on The Game. Though the couple experienced more twists and spins than a rollercoaster, we couldn’t help but fall victim to the warm embrace the two shared making up after a huge fight. 

7. My Wife and Kids

Dubbed as the new Cliff and Claire Huxtable of 21st century, My Wife and Kids’ Michael and Janet Kyle not only catered to their teenaged-children but also kept their teenage love affair brewing.

8. The Jamie Foxx Show

Jamie King fostered a match made in lodging heaven, when he found his angel in Francesca “Fancy” Monroe on The Jamie Foxx Show.

9. Everybody Hates Chris

Julius and Rochelle Rock were frugal with the funds, but they weren’t cheap with the affection—just as long as Ms. Rochelle didn’t find herself in a dirty house on Everybody Hates Chris.

10. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

While the real identity of Will Smith’s love interest Lisa Wilkes is left to be questioned, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’s pairing of the humorous Philly dude and oh-so-cute pixie cut haired brown girl were a match made in TV heaven, until they revealed their honesty in counseling.

11. Meet the Browns

Dr. Will Brown might have made some unwanted cuts and bruises when it came to the his marriage to his nurse wife Sasha on Meet the Browns, but he always had the right antibiotics and dance with his plea for forgiveness.  

12. 227

Mary Jenkins never needed to roam because there was no place like home with her better half Lester Jenkins on the late ’80s hit-sitcom 227. The apartment complex everyone knew for five seasons, between exchanging verbal jabs with Sandra and gossiping on crates with Rose, Mary curbed her words lightly when it came to the romantic affairs of her burly husband.

13. House of Payne

Though Curtis Payne knew he was the man, it was the strength of his devout Christian wife Ella Payne who stood by him as the nurturing couple we loved on Tyler Perry’s House of Payne. Running for six seasons, Curtis and Ella weathered the storm with the couple and reality faced the harsh realities of life, all while curbing his enthusiasm for unhealthy foods.