When the first season of the hit Netflix series 13 Reasons Why premiered last year, controversy erupted over the show’s depiction of suicide and mental health.

The second season of the show premieres on May 18 and cast members have spoken openly about the platform they have as actors portraying characters in a show that deals with such a heavy topic.

“I think at first it’s hard for fans of the show to separate you from the character, but I kind of take it as a compliment,” Alisha Boe, who plays Jessica on the series, told EBONY. “Happy that people are able to talk openly about these issues and feels like they can trust us with it.”

Boe feels that people like Kanye West have a social responsibility to use their platform to promote positive things.

“I am very disappointed in [Kanye,”] she said. “If you have a platform you might as well use it for good, for something you’re absolutely passionate about. I know I have a lot of young followers and I want to be a positive influence.”

Watch our exclusive video with Alisha Boe, Ross Butler and Miles Heizer above.