Seeing the world is an unmatched experience. It has always been said that travel is the only thing that you buy, that makes you richer—richer from the experiences and interactions that you encounter during your journey. Black people do travel internationally—and in record numbers—and we also look good while doing it. In 2019, MMGY Travel Intelligence released a study that found that U.S. Black leisure travelers spent over $109 billion on their global escapades—so our influence is most definitely major.

Although many people aspire to travel the globe in some capacity in their lifetime, social media has allowed us to live vicariously through Black travel influencers and content creators alike. We’re able to go to exotic, bucket-list worthy destinations through their eyes and reels. The jaw-dropping, gasp-worthy content leaves us not only in awe of the beauty of this world, but also inspired to someday make plans to get to these places ourselves.

As we prepare to close out 2022, we tapped some of the top Black travel influencers and content creators to recap their favorite trips of the year, and why they stood out. From Scotland and Tanzania to the lush backdrops in St. Lucia, these destinations were ranked high.

Cassy Isabella-Ghana

IG: @bellaworldwide

The Roaming Republic group photo in Ghana. Isabella pictured center. Image: courtesy of Cassy Isabella.

My favorite destination was a repeat (x a million) destination that feels like a second home to me: Ghana. I travel here every year in December—solo—as well as with my travel company, The Roaming Republic, and I believe this is a place every Diasporan should experience at least once in their life to connect with our history. The culture, the food, the nightlife and the history are some of the things that make Ghana stand out as a must-visit.

Kellee Edwards-Scotland

IG: @kelleesetgo

Image: courtesy of Kellee Edwards.

I loved exploring Scotland as it has castles and vast landscapes with stunning terrain. There are also over 700 islands, 93 of which are inhabited, which was a way to further explore the destination.

Jeff Jenkins-Argentina

IG: @chubbydiaries_

Image: Courtesy of Jeff Jenkins

Ushuaia, Argentina is the southernmost city in the world, and it’s just a vibe. The best time to visit is during their summer, which is December through February, or during the ski season. They have king crabs that are to die for and the best part is that it’s also a part of Patagonia, so you get all the beautiful landscape.

Leslie and Martina Johnson-Turkey

IG: @thatcouplewhotravels

Image: courtesy of That Couple Who Travels.

We couldn’t get enough of the beautiful picturesque views, the bluest of waters, warm weather, leisure, culture, luxury, and delicious Mediterranean cuisine in Bodrum, Turkey. We found it to be one of the best places in Europe to experience luxury without breaking the bank.

Travis Levius-St. Lucia

IG: @misterlevius

Image: courtesy of Travis Levius.

For years I’ve dreamed of seeing The Pitons, a set of dramatic UNESCO-listed twin peaks which seem to plunge into the sea. Images cannot prepare you for the dreamscape seen in person, especially from world-renowned resort Jade Mountain, where every suite comes with iconic mountain views.

Chelsea Davis-Peru

IG: @chelseadoestravel

Image: courtesy of Chelsea Davis.

After visiting over 10 countries this year, Peru has been the most memorable destination for several reasons. From the diverse landscape, ancient archaeological structures, mouth watering food, and rich culture— Peru uniquely offers a wide range of bucket list experiences for any type of traveler.

Eulanda and Omo Osagiede-Maldives

IG: @dipyourtoesin

Image: Eulanda Osagiede.

It’s easy to find beautiful resorts in the Maldives. However, Banyan Tree Vabbinfaru embodies the ethos of wellness, and is designed to make you feel exclusive…almost as if it were your own private island.

Jonathan Curry-Morocco

IG: @thejonrobert

Image: courtesy of Jonathan Curry.

Morocco is truly a jewel in mother Africa’s crown. With diverse terrain from beaches and the Atlas Mountains, to the red sand of the Sahara, it’s truly content heaven. If you prefer city life, you have the bustling Medina of Marrakech and the Blue Walled City of Chefchaouen. Its unique architecture and textiles can be found in the beautiful Riad hotels throughout the country. If it’s not on your list, go ahead and add it and thank me later.

Karina Henry-Tanzania

IG: @karinaworldwide

Image: courtesy of Karina Henry.

Tanzania was my favorite destination because it is so rich in culture and the locals focus on keeping traditions alive. The country also has the friendliest people I’ve ever met in my life. They welcomed me into their world and taught me so much about their culture and history. 

Martinique Lewis-Antarctica

IG: @marty_sandiego

Image: courtesy of Martinique Lewis.

I’m going to say Antarctica was my favorite because it was a life-changing experience I got to share with 15 other Black travelers. It was also a way to pay homage to those Black explorers who reached the continent before us, like George Washington Gibbs and Barbara Hillary. 

Cedric Wood-Norway

IG: @cedtripping

Image: courtesy of Cedric Wood.

 I did an 8-day journey around Norway starting in Oslo, and it did not disappoint. There are beautiful mountains and lakes throughout the entire country. Not only that, Norway is one of the cleanest countries in the world, and I definitely saw evidence of that when visiting different cities. I loved the fact that tap water is safe to drink because the quality of the water there is excellent.

Oneika Raymond-Jordan

IG: @oneikathetraveller

Image: courtesy of Oneika Raymond.

Jordan is the hands down the most impressive destination I’ve been to this year. From the ancient city of Petra and the expansive desert of Wadi Rum, to the natural phenomenon of the Dead Sea (the lowest point on Earth)—the Kingdom of Jordan doesn’t disappoint when it comes to unforgettable sights and experiences. I’ve visited the country twice and am already plotting my return!

Mercedes Posey-Greece

IG: @calculatedopulence

Image: courtesy of Mercedes Posey.

The volcanic island of Milos [Greece] is other-worldly, from its moonlike landscapes to its ancient smuggler caves and striking cliff-side beaches. Beyond the appeal of the landscape, I enjoyed the late-night charm of the harbor, idyllic fisherman villages, the diversity of boutique hotels, and the creativity of local chefs.

Phil Calvert-Panama

IG: @philwaukee

Image: courtesy of Phil Calvert.

Bocas del Toro in Panama is where I saw the most Afro-Panamanians. This area had a different flavor to it. The culture, beaches, rainforests, and surfing all felt different from the rest of Panama. It’s just a different vibe, if you know what I mean.