Nevaeh now wears a scarf to hide the bald spots she obtained after her hair was set on fire by a classmate, according to CBS Philly

The bullying incident happened on Oct. 16 while the eighth-grader was waiting at a bus stop near her school, Samuel Gompers. A fellow student walked up to Nevaeh and used a lighter to set her hair on fire as other students looked on in laughter.

“When it happened, I panicked real fast, because I thought I was going to die because it burned my hair so fast,” the 13-year-old told the local news station.

Tanya Robinson, Nevaeh’s mother, said the doctor informed her that her daughter’s hairstyle saved her life.

The young girl walked away from the “kind of traumatizing” incident with first-degree burns, singed hair, a two-inch bald spot and bald patches in her head.

“I called the police as soon as they came home, took her to the hospital, the fire chief came out. I’ve spoken to the school district, I’ve spoken to the principal at the school,” Robinson said.

Philadelphia police are investigating the situation. The school district said “this type of violence is unacceptable,” The alleged bully, however, has yet to face any consequences.

Nevaeh’s mother wants the student to face expulsion because violent incidents such as her daughter’s “shouldn’t be swept under the rug.”

Robinson will begin to homeschool her daughter in the coming weeks.

“I’d rather have her here with no hair, than not here,” said Robinson.

Nevaeh came home with a broken thumb in 2016 after she was bullied by a fellow student from a former school.