A Michigan teenager died after a sinus infection traveled to his brain, according to his family.

The family of eighth-grader Marquel Brumley is mourning the loss of a 13-year old boy after he came down with a “viral infection” a few weeks ago, Michigan’s WNEM reports.

Peggy Gilbert, who’s related to Brumley, told WNEM that the teen complained of a headache and symptoms relating to a cold and was taken to an urgent care clinic for treatment where they were told the infection would “run its course.”

Brumley’s headaches turned into migraines and he was eventually taken to the emergency room multiple times.

He was eventually given an MRI when doctors discovered the infection in his brain, according to WNEM.

Gilbert said that the child eventually had two strokes before going in for brain surgery.

After two strokes, Marquel was sent to a hospital in Ann Arbor for brain surgery, according to Gilbert. He never recovered and passed away Sunday.

“Every day without fail, ‘love you Aunt Nicki. See you later.’ If they spent the night here he wouldn’t go to bed without telling me he loved me,” Brumley’s aunt, Nicole Alexander, told WNME. “Really just a sweetheart. I’m going to miss having him around,” said Nicole Alexander, Marquel’s aunt.”

Brumley was described as a straight-A student and also played football.

The family set up a GoFundMe to cover funeral costs. So far, they have received over $14,000 in donations.