In honor of Women’s History Month, let’s shine a light on the dedicated women in the music industry who work tirelessly behind the scenes. From handling marketing strategies to ensuring artists are promoted effectively and reaching their target audience, these women play a crucial role in the success of many favorite artists. Whether it's CEOs, VPs, or Senior Directors, these black women executives oversee everything from studio time to press events, working with artists like Saweetie, Tyla, Summer Walker, Key Glock, and many others.

Let's celebrate the remarkable contributions of these black women who are instrumental in shaping the music industry today. From their unwavering dedication to their invaluable expertise, they deserve recognition and appreciation for their hard work and impact.

Sylvia Rhone, Chairwoman & CEO, Epic Records.

Image: courtesy of Sylvia Rhone.

Tresa Sanders, CEO/Founder, TreMedia.

Image: courtesy of Tresa Sanders.

Bria Fisher, Director of Communications, EMPIRE.

Image: courtesy of Bria Fisher.

Ayanna Wilks, VP of Publicity, Epic Records.

Image: courtesy of Ayanna Wilks.

Amber Grimes, EVP/GM, LVRN.

Image: courtesy of Amber Grimes.

Andrea Hamilton, CEO & Co-Founder, Theory Communications.

Image: courtesy of Andrea Hamilton.

Dominique Jones, Director of Artist Relations, EMPIRE.

Image: courtesy of Dominique Jones.

Brittany Bell, VP of Media Relations + Strategy, Atlantic Records.

Image: courtesy of Brittany Bell.

Aishah White, SVP of Media & Strategic Development, Warner Records.

Image: courtesy of Aishah White.

Fairley McCaskill, VP of Media Relations + Strategy, Atlantic Records

Fairley McCaskill
Image: courtesy of Fairley McCaskill.

Temi Adeniji, Managing Director at Warner Music South Africa

Temi Adeniji
Image: courtesy of Temi Adeniji.

Kennedy Page, CEO/Founder, Front Page PR

Image: courtesy of Kennedy Page.

Alexis Warner, Senior Director of Digital Marketing, LVRN

Image: courtesy of Alexis Warner.

Ebonie Ward, CEO/Founder of 11th&Co.

Ebonie Ward. Image: Brandon Almengo

Kanique Swinson, Senior Director of Digital Marketing, Def Jam

Image: courtesy of Kanique Swinson.