The Nigerian government is denying reports that Boko Haram have taken Damboa. From Reuters:

Abdulkair Ibrahim, a spokesman for the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) in Borno, said the agency had records of 15,204 people who had fled Damboa and the six villages — Kimba, Madaragrau, Mandafuma, Chikwar Kir, Bomburatai and Sabon Kwatta. Addressing press in the capital Abuja on Monday, Defence spokesman Major-General Chris Olukolade appeared to deny that Boko Haram had taken over Damboa and the surrounding areas, when asked about reports that the military had fled and the insurgents had hoisted their black flags in the town.

“We are not conceding any portion of this country to any terrorist group,” Ibrahim said. “Our patrols are active and they are stepping up their activities to reverse any insecurity there.”

Vigilantes defending towns and villages from militant attacks, however, tell the BBC that Boko Haram has indeed taken over Damboa, further fueling arguments that the Nigerian government has proven incapable of defending the country from attacks.