1. Stop chasing after people in relationships. We should never volunteer to be the person on the side. We shouldn’t try to ruin another person’s relationship. There is no honor in stealing someone’s partner.

2. Stop gun violence. We can’t fight police brutality on one side, and allow stray bullets to hit innocent children on the other side. Arguments shouldn’t be solved with guns.

3. Stop calling people coons when they point out real problems in the black community. Just because it doesn’t apply to you or you’re in denial doesn’t make the other person a coon.

4. Pick up a hobby that challenges you intellectually. You can learn a new language, how to code or improve your math skills. I have taken up learning Spanish and Arabic and this has allowed me to meet other people and to learn about their cultures.

5. Stop policing each other’s hair. If a woman does a twist-out on her hair, she is not trying to mimic other hair textures. If I straighten my hair or wear a wig, I’m not trying to be white.

6. Black men should stop saying that they only date white women or light-skinned women. A woman is no more classy or beautiful if she has light skin. Learn to respect all women.

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