A 16-year-old student is alleging that she was not allowed to ride the school bus home because of a dress code violation. The young girl was wearing an off-the-shoulder top and reportedly left in 50-degree weather as she had to wait outside for her parent.

Makhigha Davis called her mother, India Middleton, saying she needed to be picked up from Hoke County High School, reports ABC 11. Administration and staff were not on site, and the school doors were locked, leaving Davis to wait outside for her mother for two hours. Middleton uploaded photos of her daughter’s outfit and a video of herself trying to open the locked doors to Facebook.


The mother of the child was upset when she realized what had taken place. Davis made it through the entire school day wearing the shirt with no issue. The assistant principal commented on the inappropriateness of the top as the child was headed home.

“I don’t send my children out here in provocative clothes to break any rules at school,” Middleton said. “I feel like that could have been handled a different way.”

A spokesperson for the school told ABC 11, “Hoke County Schools will not make excuses for the poor judgment demonstrated by the assistant principal involved. The best course of action would have been to allow the student to get on the bus Friday afternoon and, if deemed necessary, handle any dress code issues on Monday morning. All Hoke County Schools’ administrators understand that if a child is pulled from a bus, then they are responsible for that child’s supervision until they are safely picked up by the parent.”