Authorities confirmed on Thursday that 35 pounds, or roughly $2 million, worth of cocaine was found last week in the mail center of the United Nations headquarters based in Manhattan. Stuffed inside a group of hollowed-out books inside a mailbag stamped with a fake UN logo, the package came via DHL from Mexico after it went through Cincinnati. No UN staff members have been suspected or implicated in the findings. Police have a couple of theories on how the expensive drug found its way there; from a Mexican smuggling scheme gone wrong to a mail worker being the intended recipient.

"Somebody in Mexico is probably in trouble now, having let a significant amount of cocaine out of their possession," said police chief Paul Browne. There was, obviously, no name or address marked on the package as police continue the investigation behind its intended receiver. Founded in 1945 by world delegates, the UN's New York headquarters is still subject to most local, state and federal laws.

If this was any other building in the United States would police be treating this case the same way? And although airlines tear apart our luggage, what does it mean when 35 pounds of cocaine can go through the mail system with virtually no problem?