Darnella Frazier Focuses on Healing After George Floyd’s Death, Porsha Williams Shares Wedding Plans, and Vivica Fox Says Being ‘Breadwinner’ Contributed to Divorce

Porsha Williams gears up for a three-part wedding, Vivica Fox sheds light on what ended her brief marriage, Darnella Frazier reflects on the death of George Floyd, and more in The Daily Rundown.

black wall street

Black Wall Street: A Legacy of Success

This story was originally published February 24, 2014. Black America’s most eminent historian Dr. John…

Samuel E. Wright: ‘The Little Mermaid’ Voice Actor Dies At 74

A childhood memory for a whole generation, Samuel E. Wright, the actor who voiced Sebastian…

Actress Jasmine Davis Discusses Coming Out As A Transgender Woman On ‘The Chi’

Coming out during the pandemic had its pros and cons, Jasmine admits. On one hand, “I was able to stay in the house. I felt safe,” says Jasmine.

Ava DuVernay Receives Honorary Doctorate From Yale University

Ava DuVernay added another impressive accolade to her already distinguished career, as she was the…

African American Playwright Keenan Scott II’s ‘Thoughts of a Colored Man’ Is Coming to Broadway

Queens, New York’s own Keenan Scott II is one of the most dynamic and boisterous…

Gabrielle Union Urges Families Not To Skip Health Routines in New Merck Campaign

Health is wealth. This common phrase is frequently used within our community and its message…


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