Muhammad Ali, the dynamic boxing legend and activist, was a man of great integrity. He gave back to his community and was committed to equity, especially for Black Americans. In the 7 years since his passing and the 17 years of the organization's existence, the Muhammad Ali Center has continued to uphold his legacy and morals through a multitude of programming initiatives.

Created to commemorate his life and work, the Muhammad Ali Festival launched in his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky is taking place this year from June 2, 2023 to June 11, 2023. In the spirit of Ali’s 6 core guiding principles—confidence, conviction, dedication, giving, respect, and spirituality—the festival will host a variety of events rooted in these themes.

Starting with the festivities with the Daughters of Greatness breakfast series—which will honor National Bar Association President Lonita Baker—the 10-day event is slated to include: a remembrance ceremony honoring Muhammad Ali at Cave Hill Cemetery; a Community Carnival; boxing demos; free health screenings; a concert with Grammy-winning jazz bassist Christian McBride; a conversation with Joy Reid; and remarks from Muhammad Ali's family. Muhammad’s eldest daughter, Maryum, will share an oral history of her recollection of being raised by her father and the lessons he instilled within her. These events will be held in the neighborhoods that hold a special significance to his legacy and upbringing.

A peak inside the Muhammad Ali Center. Image: courtesy of the Muhammad Ali Center

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