Ice Cube speaks to Vulture about 22 Jump Street, comedy, and his upcoming NWA movie. 

Vulture recently caught up with the 44-year-old in a New York hotel to talk about the film, the gross lines he refused to say, what's next for the Friday franchise, his N.W.A. biopic, and his pointers to 50 Cent on how to throw a proper first pitch.

You've been in a bunch of sequels. Did you offer any suggestions on this one?

Well, you know, my thing was, “Let’s make a movie that can stand on its own. You shouldn’t have to see 21 Jump Street to be able to enjoy 22 Jump Street. Let’s not make a movie where we’re relying too much on the first movie, the first jokes. We gotta make a whole new movie that's funny outright even if you've never seen 21 Jump Street.” It seemed like they listened. But I’m not a producer on this movie, so just being an actor, it’s like I’m on vacation.

But it was your idea to shoot Jonah in the balls with the Taser, right?

Yeah, definitely wanted to Taser the nuts. It was a longer scene and we had to trim it, but on the DVD, it’s probably going to be the long, actual scene.