Candice Idehen is an anomaly. In case you have yet to hear, she’s not only a 25-year old freelance celebrity manicurist, but she’s also most recently taken on the entrepreneur title. Idehen is the owner of the newly opened Bed of Nails Nail Bar located in Harlem. Among competition from several other nail salons polished across the neighborhood, she’s managed to create an unconventional nail salon for both men and women who want quality.   

Providing the latest nail trends and top line products—including Chanel, Deborah Lippmann, Essie, Marc Jacobs and Tom Ford—Bed of Nails’s main goal is to provide a sense of R.E.L.I.E.F—a Relaxing Escape with a Lush Invigorating and Essential Feel.   

To make their customers feel “unique and luxurious,” Bed of Nails provides a range of manicure, pedicures, nail art, gel services, event space rentals, spa packages, facials and waxing. To add a little potency the mix, Bed of Nails serves cocktails while customers are getting all pampered up. Drink to that!

Idehen has hit the ground running—and this is only the beginning. Since Bed of Nails’s opening in July, she has been featured in Harper's Bazaar, Brooklyn magazine, French Vogue and countless fashion spreads and runways around the world. Idehen has certainly found the model to her own success and is making 25 look better than ever!


– Shanell Simmons, Intern