Last night was the Met Gala, and the stars did not disappoint. The late, critically-acclaimed fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld—of Chanel (and many other haute lines)—was this year's theme. And the luminaries honored his work by showing up in standout looks, from head-to-toe. Not only were their outfits stunning but so was their glam. But don't let the intricacy of some of the looks fool you, you too can achieve some of them without the help of a master professional. Below, we give you the rundown on 3 divine hair looks that are simple enough for you to recreate on your own.

Kerry Washington's Side-Parted, U-Shaped Bun

get the look - met gala
Kerry Washington. Image: Ray Tamarra/GC Images for Getty Images.

According to Kerry Washington’s hairstylist Takisha Sturdivant-Drew, chic, gorgeous Michael Kors' dress called for a classic hair look that was both modern and edgy, yet still timeless. "I was inspired by the Spring 2016 Chanel Haute Couture collection but wanted it to appear a little more free and loose. We decided on a smooth, sleek, and minimal pulled-back updo to complement the whole look,” says Sturdivant-Drew.

"Before I began the actual styling, I prepared Kerry’s hair with Pantene Gold Series Root Stimulating Shampoo and Moisture Boost Conditioner to give me a moisturized and healthy base," shares Sturdivant-Drew. "Followed up by applying the Miracle Moisturizing Detangler throughout her hair to cut detangling time in half and give us more time to style.After rinsing that out, her hair was ready to go."

"I started by blowing her natural hair out and putting some extensions in to increase the hair volume and length for the look we wanted to achieve. I went in with some Anti-Breakage Defense Serum around the front and crown of her hair to smooth down unwanted flyaways. I also took it down the length of her hair to add smoothness and shine. I pulled all of her hair to the back of her head, smoothing the sides and top with a brush as I went. I then began to manipulate the ponytail into a structured, U-shaped bun. I strategically pulled at certain strands of hair to give the look a bit of an 'undone' appearance and add texture."

get the look - met gala
A view of Washington's hair from the back. Image: courtesy of Takisha Sturdivant-Drew.

“The result is an expensive, gorgeous, fresh play on a classic minimalist updo that perfectly accentuated the rest of her look. She was absolutely stunning!” says Sturdivant-Drew.

Teyana Taylor's Curly Karl Pony

get the look - met gala
Teyana Taylor with her Karl-inspired hairdo. Image: Gilbert Carrasquillo/GC Images for Getty Images.

Taylor's hairstylist Ray Christopher used Karl Lagerfeld's own signature ponytail coif as Inspo in creating The A Thousand and One star's own chic look for the Met Gala.

"I started by curling the hair using a curling iron and added a few extensions to create a Karl-inspired ponytail. I then let her hair settle for 15 minutes and went in with Bumble and Bumble's Sumo Liquid Wax + Finishing Spray to comb in and style. To finish, I used the Bb. Holding Spray to give it some flexible control,” explains Christopher on how to recreate Taylor's Kaiser Karl-inspered 'do.

Lizzo's Spiked Mini Bang Updo

get the look - met gala
Lizzo. Image: Taylor Hill for Getty Images.

For Lizzo's coiffeur Shelby Swain, the chic, subtle allure of Chanel was her inspiration. "It started with Lizzo's dress and continued to hair, makeup and nails—the total package," says the hairstylist. Spiked mini bangs were the end result of the effort.

"When creating an updo, foundation is key, so every step of preparation comes together to create a flawless look," shared Swain. After washing Lizzo's hair with Lush Cosmetics Avocado Co-Wash and then the brand's Cosmetics Glory Conditioner, she then applied  Lush Cosmetics Super Milk Conditioning Hair Primer to provide a moisture boost. The hydrating, vegan formula features oat milk, almond milk and coconut milk. Afterwards, while still wet, she detangled Lizzo's hair and used Lush Cosmetics Renee's Shea Souffle Hair & Scalp Oil to prep the scalp and tresses. 

For hold, she then applied Lush Cosmetics Wig Hair Trainer to help form the foundation of the updo. Once the base was perfectly smooth and secure, she used a curling iron to create pin curls and add volume to Lizzo’s updo. Next, she smoothed down baby hairs and tamed flyaways with a brush. Lastly, she complemented the style with piece-y, spiked bangs as a sophisticated contrast.