The internet gives anyone with a computer access to the blogosphere, but in the world of food blogging the pan is mightier than the keyboard and only the tastiest dishes will survive.  These three foodies make cooking look easy and rock out with their pots out. If you didn’t know them before…you ‘gon learn today!

Carnal Dish

If you’re looking for a food blog that delivers recipes with sprinkles of sugar and spice, and everything nice…then this isn’t the blog for you.  What makes Carnal Dish  such a hit is that self proclaimed “imperfect” creator Resha is just like you.  Resha gives you recipes the way you would get them from one of your closet friends – real, slightly vulgar and full of laughs, “I’m not an expert, I’m no pro…hell I’m not even trained. I’m just a chick who loves to cook and eat.”  Her passion for food comes through with every “yum” and “uh-may-zing” word on the page.  And the pictures?  Oh the pictures!  They make you want to like the screen clean!   Don’t believe me?  Just check out Resha’s recipes for Chipotle Lime Sticky Wings and Red Velvet Pancakes.

Jehan Can Cook

As an island girl I’m very critical when it comes to recipes for my favorite West Indian dishes, and to be honest, when it comes to finding island dishes online not only is there a void, but the ones that are out there suck.  Enter Guyana native Jehan and her blog Jehan Can Cook.  If you’re looking for traditional Caribbean dishes with that pepper sauce kick just like momma used to make then Jehan is your girl!  She gives you a taste of island life with recipes for dishes like Roti, Sorrel, Ackee & Saltfish and so much more.  And her step by step instructions, complete with drool-worthy pictures, make preparing her dishes at home foolproof.

My Life Runs On Food

Every once in a while we need to be reminded that we eat to live, not live to eat, and that healthy food can be just as incredible to the taste buds as anything else we eat.  Sanura Weathers’ My Life Runs On Food “is a blog demonstrating how to plan a well-balanced meal back into our lives.”  Whether she’s giving you tips on how to brown bag last night’s leftovers for lunch or suggesting which seasonal produce to use in dishes, you can be sure that when Sanura gives you a recipe for meals like Rosemary Lamb Chops or Orangesicle Ice Cream, that not only will the food be good to you, but for you as well.

Danielle Pointdujour is a native Brooklynite living and writing in the Big Apple. You can find Danielle sharing her personal outlook on love, life and travel on various publications across the web