No more dry hair! As women of color, one of the most common problems with our natural hair is dryness. Lack of moisture can lead to sensitive scalp, breakage and, in severe cases, hair loss. With essentially every wash, we lose moisture from our tresses, and during these harsh winter days, it is important that we are re-hydrating with the best products possible. Our natural hair contributor LaParis Hawkins tested a few nourishing products and these three were her top picks!

Pantene’s Truly Natural Clarifying Shampoo  (found in local drugstores)

Tired of brittle hair after a good wash? Pantene’s Truly Natural Clarifying Shampoo is the solution catered toward women of color. I absolutely love it. It adds moisture, keeps hair soft, and surprisingly adds a touch of shine.

Jane Carter Solution’s All Natural Nourish and Shine ($22;

It is time to do away with the thick hair grease that your grandmother uses. Thick oil and greases weigh your hair down. Jane Carter Solution’s All Natural Nourish & Shine is the answer to our daily dry hair problems! The light buttery hair oil goes on your scalp with a smooth application, but doesn’t leave your hair greasy. Plus the ingredients include all natural butters, pure essentials, Vitamins A, D & E. Nothing short of amazing!

Moroccan Oil Hydrating Styling Cream (

We all know that natural hair takes a lot of patience, especially when it comes to styling it yourself. Most holding products leave natural hair hard and brittle with little to no moisture at all. Moroccan Oil’s Hydrating Styling Cream is a favorite. Aside from replenishing hydration, it also holds hair enough to keep it in place without hardening the strands. I definitely recommend for natural “twist outs” and soft curls.

Natural hair requires a more time and effort, but the outcome is definitely worth it. Remember to always read the ingredients and if possible test the product before putting it in your hair. Our hair is precious, so let’s take care of it.

—LaParis Hawkins