There has never really been a doubt that olive oil is a great multifaceted product for women with natural hair. Aside from the fact that olive oil is cost-effective (starting as low as $4) and has a shelf life of two years, the larger benefits for gorgeous strands are endless. But we’ve scouted the best of what one of nature’s prominent oils has to offer.

It Only Takes One Use to See the Benefits in Your Hair. The lightweight moisture of olive oil is sure to leave hair shinier, smoother and healthier with just one use. Olive oil contains vitamins E and K that are used in almost every conditioner on the shelves.

It Can Prevent Inflammation, Dandruff and Heat Damage. Olive oil contains anti-inflammatory properties that help fight dandruff and nurture a healthy scalp. Massaging olive oil throughout your scalp will not only help you grow healthier, stronger hair, but it will also prevent flake and dandruff buildup. If you’re a naturalista who tends to straighten her hair from time to time, olive oil can also act as a protective shield from heat damage because of its rich texture and long-lasting moisturizing effects.

It Offers Easy to Do, Versatile Treatments. One of the best features about olive oil is that using it alone naturally conditions the hair. Olive oil can be used on wet or dry hair, but for the best results, we suggest applying it when your hair is wet to lock in moisture. Also, combined with other natural ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, eggs or honey, your natural hair can receive enough protein to produce beautiful thick strands. Check out our list below for some of our favorite olive oil hair and scalp treatments:

Olive Oil Rinse

Olive Oil Pre-Shampoo Treatment

Hot Oil Treatment (or Olive Oil Treatment)

Deep Conditioning with Olive Oil

Protein Treatment (w/eggs)

—LaParis Hawkins

LaParis Hawkins is a freelance writer and natural hair contributor for based in Brooklyn. Follow her on Instagram for all things natural and fabulous @TailoredPieces.