Super Bowl season is here! This annual sports showdown is one that football fans and entertainment lovers alike look forward to each year. Even if your two favorite teams are not participating, it's an opportunity to rally behind a set of titans who will battle on the gridiron to become champions.

Hosted in Inglewood, California on Sunday, February 13th,2022, this years game is slated to be one of the most thrilling displays of athleticism yet. The Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals will compete for a chance at the title of Super Bowl LVI winners and the Lombardi Trophy. Many will journey to the west coast to witness the game in person and explore all the area has to offer. Others will honor time old tradition and host parties of their own.

Holding a memorable super bowl party is dependent on several things but don't worry, we've made it simple for you. Whether you've been preparing for weeks or putting together a last minute shindig, check out these tips for preparing a Super Bowl party that will rival all others!

Score big with a curated party vibe

If you're not turning up with fellow fans or surrounded those who are going to keep watching the game interesting, then what's the point of hosting a super bowl party? No matter their team affiliation, the goal is to make folks feel welcomed at your event.

Encourage your guests to show up in their favorite Rams or Bengals gear to set off a spirit of friendly competition. Even take it a step further and incorporate decor that represents each team. If friends and loved ones are going to spend a couple hours enjoying a sports game, you'll definitely want to maximize the enjoyment across the board.

Have a great menu on deck

The main focal point of any Super Bowl party is always the food. Hot wings, nachos, pizza, chips and dip— these are essential and must be on point. People don't want to feel guilty for wanting to divulge in their favorite snacks and junk food but be sure to have a variance of food for those with food allergies and sensitivities or different diet requirements.

Check out these recipes below for inspiration.

Don't fumble the viewing set up

Aside from the the food and environment, it's important for your party to have the most reliable way to tune into the game. Make sure you've subscribed to Peacock, or the NBC Sports App prior to the game starting so that your guests don't miss anything. Also, it would be helpful to make sure your television screen is big enough to accommodate the number of guests you wish to have over. You definitely do not want to make any enemies by missing the epic halftime show or game winning touchdowns.

Following these tips will make for a perfect evening of food, fans, and sport.