The holiday season is a time to celebrate and break bread with family, friends and loved ones. But this can also mean putting on extra pounds as we indulge in our favorite dishes and holiday beverages. Although we don't count calories during Thanksgiving and Christmas, adding low-impact workouts to your routine is an easy way to keep the pounds down while also protecting your bones, joints, ligaments and muscles.

These trending low-impact workouts are said to get your heart rate up and burn calories without putting too much stress on your body. If you're looking for an easy-yet-effective calorie burn this season, here are some low-impact routines to keep you in shape.

The 12/3/30 treadmill routine

Instagram has been buzzing with this low-impact treadmill workout. Several fitness influencers and trainers are saying it's one of the best ways to get a great burn, but make no mistake, this is still a very challenging exercise.

With the 12/3/30 method, you set your treadmill on a speed of 3.0 and an incline of 12.0 and walk for 30-minutes. It may take some time to work your way up to that pace—but the key is to not hold on to the rails. Trainers suggest adding this to the end of your strength training 2-3 times per week, or as a workout on its own on active recovery days.

Peloton Low-Impact Rides

Peloton has solidified itself as the GOAT of at-home cycling workouts. From the fire playlists to the always high-energy coaches, the workouts literally make you feel like you are in the studio. The great thing about the brand is that even if you don't own the bike or treadmill, you can still access the ever-growing portal of workouts for a monthly fee. This means you can cue up your smart device and get in a Peloton ride from anywhere in the world on the bike or treadmill of your choosing.

The low-impact bike rides are great for those who may be recovering from an injury, or even for the more seasoned workout enthusiast. Of course, if you want to kick things up a notch, cycling in general is a low-impact, high calorie burning exercise, so you can't go wrong with any of the thousands of spin classes offered by the brand.


If you've seen the training that Mike Tyson or Floyd Mayweather Jr. go through, then you know how effective boxing can be. Yes, it's going to get the heart rate going and the sweat rolling, but you won't be putting too much stress on your bones and joints—especially the lower body.

There are so many ways to box these days. From Peloton's new shadowboxing series or sparring with a personal trainer, to taking high energy classes with fitness boutiques such as Rumble, RockBox and more. For the in-person brands listed, you can typically check your neighborhood location's weekly schedule in advance and reserve the class that's most appealing.