Television personality and actor Terrence J is in love! So much that he disclosed that he feels his girlfriend, Jasmine Sanders, is “the one.”

“In the relationship I’m in right now, we took a long time before we had sex and that’s why it’s been able to be a better thing. Because you have to really take time to get to know someone,” the 35-year-old told Baller Alert.

When asked if he’s found “the one,” the entertainer wasted no time answering with a big smile.

“Yeah, yeah!”

Too cute.

Terrence J might be certain he’s found “the one,” but how do you know if you have? Here are three ways to tell:

1) You have an organic connection that extends beyond the surface.

While having sexual chemistry and enjoying the same forms of entertainment are great, what separates “the one” from the rest is a natural, deep connection shared between the two of you. In other words, it is special and you can actually imagine yourself building a future with your mate, not just filling the time.

2) Your world is better because of them.

A major component of a successful relationship lies in both individuals entering the union whole. They do not look for someone to complete them, but to simply enhance their quality of life. If you’ve found someone who adds to your overall well-being, then take that as a sign that they’re not only invested in you but are a positive addition to your world.

3) You do not want to imagine life without them.

When you have met the one that you’re meant (or believe you are) to spend your life with, no one else compares. I’m not talking about infatuation. I’m talking overall interest. You will not desire to build with someone else, you will not want anyone else to comfort you in your time of need and you will not feel drawn emotionally, physically and mentally to another person in the same manner that you do when it comes to “the one.” In other words, there is no other.