Brian “Bwrightous” Wright and Desmond Attmore are the co-founders of Six Degrees Marketing Agency, whose clients included the NFL, Amazon Music, Pandora, Spotify, Puma, Instagram, Xbox HBO and GA Voter Campaign. After meeting as freshman while attending Morehouse College, the men joined their creative forces and talents to officially launch their brand in 2018. Now, they've built a multi-million dollar company in less than five years, while also becoming the go-to for global talent and brands for next gen audiences.

"The name of our company is derived from six degrees of separation—the belief that everybody’s connected in some shape or form," says Attmore. "I think a lot of the things we accomplished within our professional careers have been attributed to our relationships with people and having genuine relationships. It began maturing into other things that we definitely didn’t dream of. That’s why the name is really important to us, and we pride ourselves on our relationships being organic, community and being in touch with people" 

EBONY spoke more with the two creatives and marketing professionals to better understand today's trends as it relates to next gen audiences, as well as tapped them for advice for those looking to carve out similar lanes in the marketing space.

EBONY: What are you seeing as far as market trends and next gen being the target demographic? Why should brands be aiming to market to them specifically?

Desmond Attmore and Brian Wright: We’re seeing that multicultural millennial and Gen Z audiences are looking to authentically connect with brands. They see right through forced collaborations or campaigns that don’t make any sense, or when narratives do not resonate with what drives them to action or engagement. Visual immersive campaigns that are impactful and mission-based that go beyond the actual product or service that we are marketing is where we’ve found success. Our entire staff, including us, are part of this audience, which makes it easy to create these moments and campaigns, because we are able to create based on our own lived experiences within these spaces.

Brands should be aiming to market to millennials and next gen because these age demographics drive trends, consumer buying habits or engagement habits in general. We are the generation that's determining what’s not cool, but also essentially also what’s going to drive the overall success of your business. This generation has disposable income at a much younger age than before and are discerning shoppers and influencers who take pride in who and what they are associated with. Similar to when we’re deciding whether we want to work with a specific brand or company, we take into account if they align with our social and political views. If not, we pitch ideas that will authentically speak to the consumer that they’re trying to reach.

What tips can you share that you feel have helped fuel/propel your success as a marketing agency, that aspiring marketing pros can learn from?

Stay genuine to your vision and purpose. We wanted to create a marketing company around things that we’re into, telling a narrative of things we would consume and how we want to show up in our community with products and services. 

Be persistent and practice patience. Some people are like everything needs to happen when it needs to happen, but being patient and persistent are important. Go with your gut feeling. The only person that would know what’s right for you, is you.

Lastly, go against the grain.