“I got style-ask June if she heard of me!” It’s the key lyric in Kanye West’s “See Me Now” song that solidifies a very well-known fact: if June has heard of you, you probably have amazing, impeccable style. The once celebrity stylist turned fashion and lifestyle designer took a break from Fashion Week festivities to showcase her amazing new line on HSN, JUNE by June Ambrose, and we were impressed. From funky high heels to trendy, hipster reminiscent oxfords, her collection speaks directly to the woman who wants to be seen (and possibly heard).

For many women, being seen is a tough thing to pull off when it comes to fashion. We all want to standout and have our own unique style; however, so many of us don’t know how to do so. On top of that, many women don’t even know what their “style” is.

Leave it to June to create a three-step plan to help women all over the world find their unique look, just in time for fall!

Step 1: Trust yourself.

Always listen to your gut when deciding on what you like and what you don’t like when it comes to fashion. Don’t invest in a piece just because it’s trendy at the moment. The moment you hold something up and look at it, you instantly know if you like if for yourself. Go with the first instinct you feel.

Step 2: Look for that “second skin” feeling from your clothes.

Find pieces that feels like second skin or ones you just can’t live without. It’s about comfort. You may come to find that this is a wrap dress, jeans, cigarette pants or any other fashion item. The point is, once you know what item of clothing looks best on your body type, you’ll soon know the type of style you’ll love. If you know A-line dresses look amazing on your shape, you’re probably well on your way to having a feminine, classic style. When you feel like you don’t want to wear anything else in your closet but this item over and over again, you’re in a good place.

Step 3: After you’ve identified your second skin item, duplicate that and add accessories.

Once you know what looks good on your body, find similar pieces that make you feel amazing and start accessorizing. This is the fun part! Go back to step one with accessorizing: purchase only pieces that give you that “I must have it” feeling. You’ll start to notice a pattern in what you buy; thus, you’ll begin to figure out what you true, unique style is.

Get your hands on Junes new HSN line now!