You’ve been on your job for quite some time, but your boss doesn’t know what you are capable of. Sure, you are dependable, show up on time and do your job well, but nothing really stands out.

This is fine for someone with no interest in moving up in their respective field, but if you’re one of the few people hankering for a bit of recognition in the form of a promotion, here are three tips to get you the recognition you deserve:

1. Volunteer for work that goes beyond your job description.

“A Jack of all trades is a master of none,” and no one shines brighter than someone who executes tasks in their chosen field. Understand that showing your boss you are willing to go the extra mile is a key to getting noticed. Just make sure it is in an area that contributes to your field of expertise. Being busy is not the same as being busy with a purpose. Also, be sure to say no to tasks that do not contribute to your field.

2. Establish connections with those of importance.

Everyone thinks that your boss is the most important person to impress. Wrong. You’ve got to impress Human Resources, your co-workers and the one who signs your checks. Granted, your boss is the one who gives you your evaluations and promotions, but if you have a reputation of not getting along with your co-workers, then you can kiss any hopes of elevation goodbye. If a negative perception of your contributions happens to make it to your company leader’s ears, you may as well just stick to doing the bare minimum.

3. Find something that you genuinely love about your job.

There’s no sense in striving for a promotion if you cannot find one thing (at least) about your current position that you genuinely connect with. If you do not prioritize doing what you love while paying the bills, you will be just another employee who is making someone else’s dreams a reality. Just sayin.’