When it comes to love, many seem to be laser focused on romantic love, but if we think about it, the opportunities to both give and receive love surpass companionship.

Everyday we have the chance to show love and appreciation to ourselves, our family members and our close friends. While we’re at the age where romantic love and starting/maintaining our own immediate families are a priority, let’s take time to remind ourselves how love (in all forms) can bring us joy.

1. Loving yourself allows you to build confidence.

They say that in order to attract love, one must first love themselves. Well I say, why do it for that reason? You should be loving yourself at all times, not to attract love, but for yourself. If you do not love yourself, you will go through life miserable as hell. You will start to doubt even the most wonderful things that make you you, and you simply will not be motivated to elevate. In other words, your life would suck to the point where you are simply existing.

2. Being around those who love you and who you love will remind you that you are worthy.

Many times, we can allow the rejection of romantic love to cloud our thoughts regarding our worthiness. We can start to wonder if we will ever find love, or even if someone will ever see our value. Being around friends and family that truly love you not only takes your mind off of things, but reminds you that you do have something necessary to offer to the world. It also provides you a chance to “feel the love,” something we all can benefit from.

3. You gain a greater appreciation for your peace of mind.

With true love comes peace, not dysfunction. Understand that love is joy. They’re supposed to go hand in hand. No, you won’t necessarily see eye-to-eye with your loved ones all of the time, but you have peace in knowing that your bond is unshakable. Your level of respect for each other allows you to freely exchange love and unrestricted thoughts. In other words, disagreements will not necessarily cause stress and pain, but will lend themselves to solutions.